Service Terms & Conditions

All heating equipment is subject to inspection by Cox Fuel Co., Inc. prior to our acceptance of your application for the Service Plan.

Emergency calls resulting from burner failure caused by flood, fire, lighting, power failures, blown fuse, main switch off, flooded heating system, no water in boiler or other condition beyond our control, will be charged at our prevailing regular service rates.

The repair or replacement of obsolete parts cannot be guaranteed and will not be covered by our service policies.

This service does not cover the boiler or the furnace itself, the chimney or any type of distribution system including radiators, piping ducts, humidifiers, clock thermostats, smoke pipe, automatic stack dampen, outdoor modulating controls, domestic hot water circulators, and cooling equipment.

Domestic hot water problems due to the mixing valve, tankless or choke arc not covered.  This includes leaks of pipes, and valves.

Zone valves and related work are not covered.

Electronic and mechanical air cleaners are not covered.

Cox Fuel Co., Inc. will endeavor to render service promptly and in accordance with the customer’s requests but will not be responsible for damage resulting from fires, accidents, and unavoidable delays beyond its control. Not for repair work required as a result of abnormal conditions such as floods, hurricane, or other act of God, including damage to equipment or property in any building (occupied or unoccupied) when a heating malfunction is not reported promptly.

Should an individual cancel his or her oil account for any reason, the unused portion of a service contract is not refundable. However, should a customer sell a property he or she may transfer the unused portion of a contract to the buyer on the condition that the buyer purchase fuel oil from Cox Fuel Co., Inc.  Further the seller may transfer the unused portion to any other domicile provided the heating equipment is in acceptable condition and Cox Fuel Co., Inc. provides fuel for that location.

Unless the contract holder shall at least thirty days prior to the anniversary date hereof notify Cox Fuel Co., Inc. in writing of his desire to terminate this agreement on such date, THIS AGREEMENT SHALL CONTINUE ON FOR A PERJOD OF ONE YEAR AND SIIALL BE AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED FROM YEAR TO YEAR THEREAFTER.

Because it is made available to fuel oil customers only, the cancellation of oil deliveries, or the failure to purchase all your oil from Cox Fuel Co., Inc. automatically cancels the agreement. Further, the contract becomes void if any bill rendered by Cox Fuel Co., Inc. to the customer is not paid within 30 days of billing date.